​Our School Day


Here at Woodside we recognise the need for structure and consistency that children have.  The following timetables are implemented daily to enhance each child's learning experience and allow them to academically perform to the best of their potential.

Key Stage One     


8.45-9.00am           Skills                                     

8.55-9.00am           Registration                        

9.00-10.00am         RWI (Read Write Inc)                              

10.00-10.45am       Teaching                                                          

10.45-11.00am       Break    

11.00-11.50am       Teaching                          

11.50-12.50pm       Lunch                       

12.50-12.55pm       Registration

12.55-2.15pm         Teaching/RWI 1-1 Tutoring

2.15-2.25pm           Break                                             

2.25-2.45pm           Teaching/Assembly    

2.45-3.00pm           Reflection

3.00pm                    Hometime                            

Key Stage Two

          LOWER KS2                                                  UPPER KS2

8.45-9.00am                Skills                                     8.45-9.00am                Skills

8.55-9.00am            Registration                             8.55-9.00am            Registration

9.00-10.00am          RWI/SPAG                                9.00-10.45am          Teaching

                (Read Write Inc/Spelling & Grammar)

10.00-10.45am       Teaching                                   10.45-11.00am         Break

10.45-11.00am       Break                                         11.00-12.00pm         Teaching

11.00-12.00pm       Teaching                                   12.00-12.50pm         Lunch

12.00-12.50pm        Lunch                                       12.50-12.55pm         Registration 

12.50-12.55pm        Registration                            12.55-2.30pm           Teaching

12.55-2.30pm          Teaching                                  2.30-2.45pm             Assembly

2.30-2.45pm            Assembly                                 2.45-3.00pm             Reflection

2.45-3.00pm             Reflection                               3.00pm                      Hometime

3.00pm                      Hometime