‚ÄčMission Statement

"Educating with pride, learning together" 

Woodside's Vision for the Future

We are living in a rapidly changing, technological world with a global economy and shifting work patterns. Multi-cultural societies and evolving family structures are placing increasingly more complex demands on individuals. We need to provide an education that will enable each individual to utilise a variety of skills and intelligences in order to meet these challenges with determination and confidence.

Our vision for the future of our school is to continue to pursue higher standards through a broad and cohesive curriculum with an emphasis on independence, as it is through these that individuals can take responsibility for their own learning, make informed choices and solve problems.

Our children need to develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to learn how to learn, become more socially adept and manage theirs and others feelings and emotions effectively.

Our school will foster an ethos of challenge and high expectation with high self-esteem and respect and understanding of other's cultures and beliefs. We will seek to provide opportunities for experiential and explorative learning, building on what the children already know.

We believe it is vital to work in partnership with parents and actively encourage them to become involved in the life of the school. We recognise the importance of continuity in the learning process and will share expertise and experience with other schools and settings. We will raise awareness of wider issues by involving members of the learning community and exploring the surrounding environment.

Learning is a life long process and it is our responsibility as adults to model effective learning. This vision statement therefore applies to everyone who has a role to play in the provision of education at our school.