Internet Safety at Home

Here at Woodside we take the safety and welfare of your children very seriously.  This includes safety while using the internet both in

school and at home.  Children are surrounded by technology these days and are susceptible to all sorts of dangers as a result. 

There are several measures that parents can take to protect children when they use tablets, computers and mobile phones. 


Most devices now how security features and parental settings to help keep your child safe while online.  Children can accidentally

access adult content through no fault of their own and I am sure all parents would like to protect their children from this.   If you are unsure how to check your child's internet settings then search online for the settings of that particular device and how to change



We would urge you to monitor your children's online content history regularly - particularly if the security and parental settings are not in place for that device. 


Unfortunately the internet and social media sites are also a common arena for cyber bullying.  We do not tolerate bullying of any form here at Woodside.  This includes cyber bullying and we will deal with any incidences very seriously.  If you have any concerns regarding cyber bullying please do not hesitate to discuss them with your child's class teacher, Mrs Murray or Mr Collings.


Resources for Parents

There are a number of websites available to parents with more information on internet safety and protecting your child online. 

Here a few links for your viewing:

‚ÄčInternet Security for Adults

Although our main concern is the safety and welfare of your children, we would also like to help provide additional online safety information for adults on personal detail security online, how you can protect your identity online and keep any bank/payment details secure.

Here are some useful links for your information:



If you would like any further information on keeping your child safe online or other topics concerning online security please do not hesitate to contact school and we will happily try to help.