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Diary Dates


December 2018


Wednesday 12th December

​​bulletg.gifKS2 Christmas Show - 2pm

​​Thursday 13th Decemberbulletg.gifKS2 Christmas Show - 5pm
Friday 14th December

bulletg.gifKS1 Christmas Party - 4pm-5pm

bulletg.gifKS2 Christmas Party - 5.15pm-6.15pm

Tuesday 18th Decemberbulletg.gifInfant Nativity - 10am
Wednesday 19th December

bulletg.gifChristmas Lunch for Whole School

​​bulletg.gifInfant Nativity - 5pm

​​​Thursday 20th December

​​bulletg.gifAlan Greggs' Celebration Assembly - 9.30am

bulletg.gifSchool Choir visiting Croftwood for Carol Concert - 11am

bulletg.gifChristmas Bingo - 3.30pm onwards (all welcome)

​​Friday 21st December

​​bulletg.gifChristmas Jumper Day (Donation for Save the Children)

**School closes for Christmas and re-opens on Monday 7th January 2019**